Success Story

Kumari Nabanita Das D/o Arun Das is a student of class-X and resident of DK. Lakshminarayanpur village. She comes of a very poor family and her father is separated and residing in another place. Tapati and her sister with mother live in a body. When SIDS initiated personal meeting with the adolescent girls for participating in a seminar on Health Education for adolescents she was shy and inexpressive, hesitant and lacked confidence. After several times meeting with her she came in the seminar.

After participating in the seminar she knew about sanitary napkins and their advantages over traditional methods. Moreover she learnt adolescence is a beautiful period of life and menstruation is a phenomenon unique to all females. It is a natural process. It is linked with several misconceptions and practices which sometimes result into adverse health outcomes. She is now motivated and accustomed to use sanitary napkins. Gradually she has started participating in the discussions with the other girls and women. She moved on to help these girls and women and introduced them to sanitary napkins. Her efforts were highly appreciated by the women in the locality. She is continuing her efforts to make more aware about this issue by devoting more time and efforts towards this social cause.