Awareness program on Road safety

Awareness programs on Road Safety

Road safety education is very much essential in today’s world as road traffic is becoming increasingly busy. Years ago, it was safe for your child to travel on the road without a care, but things have changed since then. Now, there are more cars, scooters, motorbikes, buses, etc. on the road. Road transport is the dominant mode of transport in India. To meet the demand for road transport, the number of vehicles and the length of road network have increased over the years. Road traffic injuries are one of the leading causes of death, disabilities and hospitalization in the country imposing huge socio-economic costs. Road safety education plays a vital role in shaping the attitude and behavior of children as well as young people thereby ensuring that they become a responsible driver, passenger, pedestrian and cyclist. One day seminar was organized on 14/09/2020 at Durbachati Gram Panchayat office to aware the students, youths, women, passengers and others. Handbill distribution regarding road safety rules was made from the organization. Poster campaign in various villages done for creating awareness among the all people.