The organization was established on 1.4.2005. At the beginning in the year 2005, a few youths of the islands were witnessed the premature death of poor people due to starvation and hunger and a suicide case of a pregnant mother abused her husband. They were witnessed that the children of the poor family had to forced to do of the illegal and sabotage works in the society due to their illiteracy, unawareness and poverty. These had promoted the youths to form an organization for making the people socially aware , spreading up the light of education among them and developing the economic status of the area.  Moreover, Mr. Subimal Karan a leading youth and present Secretary of SIDS realized from those incidents that unless the women are liberated from the gender based set up the total development of the community will remain mirage. Thus the youths formed the organization  At first, it started its operation in two villages in Pathar Pratima block in South 24 Parganas.