Board of members

Dr. Nirmal Kumar Karan
M.SC., B. Ed., Ph. D., M.A.

He is the President of Shibganj Integrated Development Society and also the founder member of the organization. The Ph. D. certificate was conferred on him by Mr. Viren J. Saha, Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal. He went to TAIWAN for post doctorate. He is now the High school teacher and involved in social welfare activities through this organization. He is also involved in literature and cultural affairs. He is the recipient of Rasbehari Dutta Smriti Sammanana-2018 and Banga Ratna -2019 organized by the World Homeopathic Association and Prakash Bharati. He is also the recipients of various awards. He is devoted himself to do something for the needy and underprivileged communities in the Sundarbans.

Sri Prankrishnan Maiti
M. A.

He is the Vice president of the organization and is involved in social welfare activities for about 15 years. He has passed M.A. in Environmental Science. Membership of SIDS was taken by him since 2015. Earlier this, he was appointed as a worker of DRCSC (Development Research Community Services centre) for about 5 years.

Sri Subimal Karan
M.A., DHSM (Diploma in Health Service Management)

He is the Secretary and founder member of SIDS. The organization was formed on 1.4.2005 under his leadership. He was a Government employee and now he is retired person. In spite of being an employee, he was involved in social welfare activities since 1980. He has received certificate as Best Social Worker in the South 24 Parganas district from the Nehru Yuva Kendra, Diamond Harbour. During his service period, he has gathered much reputation from the public as well as administration. For the welfare of the needy and disadvantaged people of Sundarbans, he is now involved in the developmental activities of SIDS as a whole time worker without any remuneration.

Archita Das
M.A., B.Ed. Sangeet Visharad (Rabindra and Classical)

She is the Assistant Secretary of SIDS. All along, she is active and social minded. After taking membership of SIDS since 2015, she has been involved in the social welfare activities directly. She takes responsibility in implementation of any developmental works and completes successfully.

Smt. RadhaRani Maity

She has been maintaining the responsibility of treasurer from the establishment of SIDS. She is praiseworthy to the organization for taking a vital role in creation a good relation with the mothers at grass root level and organization.

Sri Lakshman Chandra Maiti
M.A., P.G.B.T. Member of the Governing body and Retired Headmaster of a Higher Secondary School

He is learned man and has acquired popularity as an eloquent in the vast area. He runs a K.G. school namely “Anandadham Balak Brahmachari Sishu Vikash Kendra” and has good experience in the field of education. During his teacher ship, he participated in various social welfare activities and now he is involved with the activities of SIDS. His first Kabyagrantha is ‘Surya Swaragram’

Bandana Pramanik
M.A., B.Ed. She is a Government employee

She has always tendency to be involved in social welfare activities. Before being an employee, she was an important dignitary of a reputed social welfare organization. She always tries to be involved in implementation of any project by the SIDS.