India is constantly changing and SIDS must respond to many new challenges. We need support now more than ever. There are many ways how you can involve yourself with our noble cause. We believe everyone is good in something. Realize your potential and help mankind with the expertise you have. Your help in the following areas will be highly appreciated.

  • Resource person:- Participation in any seminar/workshop/orientation camp/ awareness camp as a resource person.
  • Proposal writer:- Cooperating in any proposal writing according to demand of the inhabitants of Sundarbans and select the donor partners across the world.
  • Web designer:- Suggestion and active participation in maintaining and developing our website, your help we feel.
  • Idea developer and Project implementation technician:- Any idea and good suggestions from the end of the noble person for making planning and the welfare of the inhabitants in future will be accepted satisfactorily to the authorities of SIDS. As such, in implementation of any project Your active participation is welcome.

If you wish to tender your service, we will be most grateful.

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SIDS will not disclose any of your information such as your name, email id and phone number etc. to any third party without your written permission.