Vision and Mission


Work as a social organization in bringing sustainable change in the lives of under privileged sections and needy communities in the society.


SIDS strives to provide opportunities for innovative health care, education, socio-economic development of the poor and downtrodden people with particular emphasis on differentially vulnerable groups like women, children, adolescents, youths and persons with disabilities.


• Women empowerment along with their self-reliance.

• Development of education and nutrition of coastal infants.

• Ensuring for children their basic human rights to survival, physical and social

development and opportunities to grow to their full potential.

• Create income generation opportunities for the unemployed youths of the rural villages.

• Development of community health especially mother, child and adolescents health.

• Sustainable agricultural development through agriculture and animal husbandry projects.

• Creating safe drinking water and sanitation facilities to develop the health status of the common people.

• Protection of environment and conservation of biological diversity.

• Development of persons with disabilities.

• Development of arts and culture and games and sports.

• Strengthen Self help Groups (SHG) and other community based organizations.

• To stop discriminate factor based on caste, creed, sex, clan and color.

• Agricultural and food security

• Eradication of Hunger

• Development of humanity and respecting human rights.

• Empower the marginalized communities with a special focus on multiple marginalizing factors such as age, gender, disability and Socio-economic status by providing them education, skill training, livelihoods and shelter.