Water, Sanitation and Hygiene program

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programs

Each year on October-15 global Hand Washing Day is observed to highlight the importance of hand washing with soap at home, in community and around the world. It also aims to foster and support a general culture of hand washing with soap in all societies. Adequate water, sanitation and hygiene are essential components of providing basic health services. The provision of WASH in health care facilities serves to prevent infections and spread of diseases, protect patients and uphold the dignity of vulnerable populations including pregnant women and the disabled. SIDS organized a few programs for creating awareness among the public specially women. Wall writing and handbill distribution are made. The following topics were discussed- 1. When should hand washing be done 2. What are the purpose of hand washing 3. How do you properly wash your hands 4. What percent of germs does hand washing kill 5. How long does hand sanitizer last. It is given importance on a few hygiene practices such as nail hygiene, teeth hygiene, toilet hygiene, hands hygiene, etc.